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Terms and Conditions of Use and Social Media Policy

O usuário deste local de teia (o "Usuário" deste "Local") mantido pelo Comitê Organizando para Yokohama Triennale (o "Comitê") constitui acordo com as condições seguintes e condições.
The Committee may alter the terms and condition without notice. Therefore, users are requested to confirm this site before use.

User Policy

1. Copyrights

The copyrights to the images of art works, illustrations, documents, and materials on this website shall, in principle, belong to the Committee and the authors who permit to use by the Committee. Use of copyrighted works is prohibited without the permission of the copyright holders and beyond the scope of private use provided for in the Copyright Act.
In addition, the copyright of the e-mails which sent to the customer from the Committee belong to the Committee and is prohibited to use without the permission of the copyright holders.

2. Disclaimer

Although the Committee has made efforts to thoroughly examine and verify the information on this Site, the Committee makes no warranties or representation as to the completeness and accuracy of its information. Under no circumstances shall the Committee be liable for consequences that result from the use of any information available on this Site. This Site may contain links and references to third-party web sites. The linked sites are not under the control of the Committee, therefore, the terms and conditions are provided by relevant third parties, and the Committee is not liable for any damages and other actions arising from the use of linked sites. Links and references to the relevant third-party sites do not imply the endorsement of the linked sites by the Committee.

The Committee reserves the right to alter or delete the Site or any information on this Site without notice.

3. Use of Third-Party Services

This Site uses third-party service providers, informed through banners and buttons. User information may be retained by third-party providers when Users access relevant web sites. Users are requested to access privacy policy of each service providers to confirm the types of data and information collected and retained.

The Committee uses the following third-party services:

■User Environment

The following environment is recommended for browsing this Site. Some part of this Site may not be accessible in other environments. Please note that even under the recommended environment some contents may not be accessible or may have technical problems caused by software installed by Users on their computers or other devices.

1. Web Browser

・Internet Explorer 7 or later
・Firefox 19 or later
・Google Chrome 25 or later
・Safari 5 or later
・Firefox 19 or later
・Google Chrome 25 or later

2. SSL

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is used to enhance the security level for Users in some parts of this Site. In order to utilize this service, please make sure that your browser is compatible with SSL. Firewall or other configurations may prevent the page from loading correctly.

3. Cookies

O Local pode usar biscoito que armazena dados no computador do Usuário permitir um site da Web para reconhecer o browser do Usuário. São usados biscoitos para aumentar serviços providos ao Usuário, e não comprometerão a privacidade do Usuário ou tem qualquer efeito adverso no ambiente de computador do Usuário. It is possible to suspend cookie by changing browser settings, but some services may be comprised as a consequence.

4. User Access Logs

O registro de Local os Troncos de Acesso de Usuário que incluem o domínio de Usuário que IP se dirigem, e o browser do Usuário, a data de acesso. The User Access Logs use for the maintenance and the analysis of the website.

5. Plug-ins

O Local inclui conteúdo que contém imagens comoventes e outras características para aumentar o Usuário está vendo experiência. Users are requested to install appropriate plug-in software to view these contents.

■Browser Environment
・Please enable JavaScript in your web browser configuration to optimize viewing experience of the Site.
・Please enable CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to view the Site correctly.
・Viewers such as the Adobe Reader will be necessary for viewing PDF data.

Adobe Reader download

6. Accessibility

The Site employs standard web technologies to facilitate accessibility for all types of Users, regardless of their physical conditions or technical environments.

■Social Media Policy

O Comitê Organizando para Yokohama Triennale (o "Comitê") provê notícias e informações seguindo a Política de Mídia Social.

1. Social Media Accounts 

The Committee has Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to transmit information.
Twitter: @yokotori_
Instagram: yokohama_triennale

2. Objectives

The Committee uses social media in order to deliver up-to-date information on our projects as widely as possible. We also provide the opportunities to enjoy art and gain understanding of our activities.

3. Posting Times

Non-regular Posting

4. Replies

The Committee does not respond to individual replies or direct messages. Please send us your questions by using the inquiry form on our website.

5. Deactivation and Deletion of the Accounts

In cases where information provision on social media becomes difficult, the committee will promptly deactivate or delete its account.

6. Disclaimer

The Committee does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or availability of the information it provides on social media. Accordingly, we assume no responsibility whatsoever for damage to the User or a third party that arises as a result of using information on social media.
The Committee assumes no responsibility for the contents provided by the User.
O Comitê não assume nenhuma responsabilidade por dano para Usuários de um terceiro causados por dificuldade entre / entre o Usuário ou o Usuário e um terceiro em relação às mídia sociais do Comitê.
The Committee is not liable for any losses resulting from matters related to its social media.

7. Personal Information

The Committee will handle personal information acquired through its social media properly according to the privacy policy of the Yokohama Arts Foundation.

8. Changes of the Policy

This policy is subject to change where necessary. Changes will be announced on the Site or other media.